Animal Grossology Exhibit
May 17, 2014 - December 30, 2014



Oozing with disgusting science and interactive learning games, the all-new Animal Grossology exhibit is sure to provide a unique perspective on the animal kingdom. The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, in conjunction with Advanced Exhibits, the exhibit's producer, invites you to experience some of the slimiest, stinkiest and downright yuckiest creatures on earth. The exhibition contains solid science and introduces it in a way that makes kids giggle. It is science disguised in interactive entertainment and kids are more apt to learn when they're having fun doing it.

You may think leeches are pretty gross but they're used after some surgeries to assist in the healing process. Did you know that cows are one of the gassiest animals on earth? Learn why the dung beetle is nature's living pooper scooper and why scientists are studying slug and snail slime production for clues in treating cystic fibrosis.

  • See larger-than-life bloodsuckers
  • Learn why cows are extremely gassy
  • Discover the mystery of the incredible tapeworm
  • Become a beetle and compete in a dung ball roll race
  • Find out who is the slimiest creature on earth

The exhibition was created and produced by Advanced Exhibits, a division of Advanced Animations LLC, in collaboration with Sylvia Branzei, the author of the GROSSOLOGY series of books. The books are published through Price Stern Sloan, a member of Penguin (USA) Inc.

The exhibit is sponsored locally by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science Foundation, Gertrude C. Ford Foundation, Sanderson Farms, Nissan North America, Inc., Regions Bank, Chris and Steve Zachow, and other generous supporters.

Click here to download the "Animal Grossology" exhibit rack card.

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Vomit Slurpers

Slime Game    

Animal Grossology

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