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Bee Lake - 2/24/2015

Due to the cold and icy weather fishing activity is very slow on bee lake. Look for things to pick up in the weeks ahead. 

For crappie, try trolling  in water 6-8 feet in depth with either minnows or jigs. Good locations included along the outside edge of the cypress trees, around the bridge pilings, or near brush piles submerged in deeper water.

For bass, try fishing soft plastics around the cypress trees or around the docks and piers in the northern arm of the lake, or try spinnerbaits, jigs, or other weedless lures fished slowly and very close to cover.

For catfish try tightlining near culverts with nightcrawlers for bait, especially after rains, or try setting some trotlines baited with cut bait or stink bait.


Bell's store is still open and under new management    There is a launch fee to use the new ramp.

Alligator gar have been stocked in Bee Lake for Asian carp control.  These fish have been marked with plastic tags near the dorsal fin.  If you catch a tagged gar, please record the tag number and the length and weight of the fish and then release the fish alive.  Call 601-432-2400 to report catch a tagged gar. 

It is illegal to harvest any alligator gar from Bee Lake.

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