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Desoto - 4/16/2014

Mississippi River stage near Desoto Lake (Helena gauge) is at 34.4 ft and cresting.

Fishing activity has started to pick up with the warmer weather. However with recent rise in the Mississippi River fishing has slowed down dramaticly.

Catfish can always be caught in abundance on Desoto. Try  floating jugs or running yo-yos with minnows or livers

For Mississippi River oxbow lakes, the fluctuations of the Mississippi River is an important factor for determining how the fishing is. Slow rises and slow falls produce the best fishing. The best crappie fishing on Desoto Lake is normally at water levels between 12-18 feet (Helena gauge).


Online Map

For a general map go to Http://outfitters.org Click on public waters and then click on Desoto Lake under "more area lake maps".

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