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Chotard and Albermarle - 5/18/2015

Fishing on Chotard and Albermarle is always dependent upon the MS River level and movement.  For best results on these lakes, always check the MS River report to know if the river is moving in or out of the lake and target areas of moving water for improved fishing.  Fishing is typically best when the river is on a slow fall.  For most boats, access to the river is almost impossible when the river is below 13 feet (Vicksburg Gauge). 

River level at Vicksburg: 29.6' and expected to remain around that for the next 5 days.


The fluctuating river levels have made fishing these lakes difficult so far this year.  Try jigs fished very slow or bumping square bills off hard cover to draw a reaction strike.


No reports on crappie this week.  Try minnows on spider rigs fished very slowly.


A few bream were reportedly caught over the weekend.  Try crickets or tightlining with worms for Redear.


Catfishing is very good right now.  Try tightlining with your choice of catfish bait: livers, worms, or commercially available stink baits.


Online Map

A description and a map of these lakes can be seen at - www.outfitters.org Click on public waters and then click on Lake Albermarle or Chotard under "more area lake maps".


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