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Lake Mary Crawford - 7/22/2014

For more detailed information please contact the Lake Office at (601) 587-7853.

Water Temperature:  83

Visibility: 24"


Bass fishing is about the same, fair.  Try junebug, tequila sunrise or red shad colored lures.  Target main lake points, brush piles, and structure along the levee in deep water.  Harvest of small bass is encouraged at this lake. 


 Bream fishing is still good.  Crickets are best right now fished in 2-4 ft depths for bluegill and tight lining with redworms is a good way to catch redear sunfish.


Catfishing is fair.  Fishermen have been having some success at night.  Catfish are usually good on the shallower flats and points. Try worms or liver fished on the bottom.


Crappie fishing is slow.  Try using minnows or various colored jigs in 8-10 feet of water.  Target deep water brush piles along the dam and main lake points too.  


Lake depth map can be found at: http://www.mdwfp.com/fishing-boating/lake-depth-maps.aspx 

Over 10 fish attractor sites were created during 2011.  Several were marked with GPS and the coordinates are listed below. 

1. N 31.57860 W 90.15717
2. N 31.57653 W 90.15344
3. N 31.57642 W 90.15923
4. N 31.57557 W 90.15806
5. N 31.57536 W 90.15389
6. N 31.57425 W 90.15452

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