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Ross Barnett Reservoir - 3/25/2015

Ross Barnett Reservoir



Congratulations to Gene Bishop of Ridgeland, MS for winning the 2015 Bassmaster Open with a three day total of 55 pounds, 14 ounces! Gene capitalized on the warm temps by catching some early-moving shallow lunkers. 

Pelahatchie Bay   

Bass fishing should get better and better as the water clears in the Bay.  The water temps are perfect for bass to begin moving shallow to spawn.  Target creek channels leading into shallow areas with crankbaits, spinnerbaits, or swim baits.  Vegetation edges can be fished with topwater baits such as buzzbaits and spooks.  Fish weedless baits in the vegetation such as frogs or soft plastics.

Crappie anglers should concentrate their efforts near stumps and timber along the edge of Pelahatchie Creek fishing 10-12 feet deep.  Anglers often have success under bridges at the causeway and Hwy 471(trading post) where water is moving.  Try fishing 6-8 ft deep under the bridges.  Jigs, jigs tipped with minnows and minnows are the best baits.  Crappie should be moving shallow soon.

Catfish can be caught on trotlines or by tight lining on the deep flats.

Main Lake 

Lower Lake:

Catfish can be caught on trotlines or by tight lining on the deep flats.

Crappie anglers should concentrate their efforts in the old oxbow lakes near Rose’s Bluff or near the City of Jackson water intake structure along the dam.  Crappie should be moving toward the riprap soon.

Bass anglers should fish along the rip rap near Main Harbor after a few sunny days.  Some fish may be found around the deeper ends of piers.

Upper Lake:

The best crappie fishing occurs after heavy rains that produce current on the river.  Fish will concentrate below and east of the Hwy 43 bridge.  Fishing is good until the current subsides. Jigs, jigs tipped with minnows, and minnows are the best baits.  Fish 12 to 16 ft deep. The welfare hole has seen a lot of boats over the last couple days.  Crappie should be moving into the shallows soon.


A couple of young ladies show off their favorite fishermen's catch yesterday at a bass tournament.

Fish have begun to move shallow.  Target shallow bass with early/late topwater fishing and soft plastics throughout the day.  Crankbaits can be fished along the riprap at Hwy 43. The posts from an old pier along south side of Hwy 43 out from Safe Harbor usually hold a few fish.  Target creek channel ledges with crankbaits and spinnerbaits for fish moving towards shallow water. 

Above Highway 43


A couple of 2.5# crappie caught yesterday trolling channel ledges.

Most crappie are caught trolling minnows or jigs off the river channel fishing 12 feet deep in 20 feet of water.  Some fish can be found around the deep stumps that line the river channel.  Treetops that extend into deeper water on the river edge can hold crappie this time of year as well.  Crappie should be moving shallow soon.

Bass can be found shallow and on ledges in medium depths as some begin to spawn.  Target shallow vegetated areas with frogs and soft plastics.  Staging bass can be targeted on creek channel ledges with swimbaits, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits.  Treetops along the river edge in a bend where current flow is moderate can produce good sized spotted bass.  Fish plastics or spinnerbaits in these areas.

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