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Ross Barnett Reservoir - 11/20/2014

Above 43


Catfish are being caught on jugs and trotlines using cut bait and live bait.    Crappie are being caught on channel ledges about 12 - 14 feet deep with minnows or jigs. Try trolling in the channels and jigging next to deep structures.  Chartreuse  or white colored jigs are always a good color on the lake.  Bream can be caught using crickets in and around the pads. Find some large pad mats and cast into the openings in the mats.  Largemouth bass can be caught in the shallow coves with vegetation early in the morning on topwater lures such as buzzbaits. Try pitching jigs or soft plastic baits such as lizards, brushhogs, or tubes as well. Through the day, bass are moving onto ledges in 8-10 foot depths.  Try fishing crankbaits, swimbaits, and spinnerbaits along the ledges.  

Main Lake

Lower Lake:

Catfish can be caught on trotlines or by tight lining on the deep flats. Crappie have moved out to the ledges in deep water.  Target some of the old lake beds.  Bass can also be caught along the rocks and around boat houses on the Madison side.  Try pitching jigs or soft plastic baits such as lizards, brushhogs, or tubes.  Hybrid striped bass can be caught schooling on shad this time of year.  Target ledges with major depth changes early in the morning and late in the afternoon.  Trolling crankbaits and rattletraps around these areas is a good way to locate the schools.

Upper Lake:

Crappie can be caught trolling deep channels fishing 12 to 14  feet deep with minnows or jig-tipped minnows.  Focus on the channel south of the Hwy 43 bridge.  Crappie are still being caught on creek channels leading into area 7 on the Rankin county side of the S-curve now as well as the welfare hole.  They can also be found on structure about 12 to 16-feet deep in the submerged lakes.  Bass can be caught shallow with soft plastics around the pads and off creek channel ledges in medium and deep water.

Pelahatchie Bay

Crappie can be caught on ledges and along the creek channel.  Fish are holding near structure.  Fish are suspended about 12-feet deep along the creek channels.  Try trolling the creek channels fishing 12 feet deep with minnows.  Bass can still be caught around vegetation throughout the day as the pads shade the water column and harbor a food source for baitfish which attract them.  Topwater baits such as the Pop-R are good early in the morning.  Bream can be caught in shallow water around vegetation and brushpiles.  Look for water 4-6 feet deep with a hard bottom. 

Area water levels can be checked here:  http://waterdata.usgs.gov/ms/nwis/current/?type=flow

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