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JP Coleman/Pickwick Lake - 9/2/2014


The water level is 413.63 and relatively holding at the time of this report. Look for TVA to start their annual drawdown of the lake pretty soon as we’ve reached that time of year. Surface water temps are still in the mid 80s. Bass reports are still varying but for the most part are still a bit tougher than most would like. The deep, off-shore bite continues to slowly diminish as the grass bite continues gaining momentum. The deep ledges and humps are giving up a bite here or there, but nothing consistent. Anglers are throwing deep diving crankbaits, football jigs, spoons and big T-rig worms on the off shore structure. For the grass bite, anglers are using a variety of lures like senkos, swimbaits, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits or just about anything else that mimics a shad as massive schools of shad are flocking to the grass. One thing remains consistent with both bites however, schoolers. Anglers need to keep a topwater bait or some kind of shad imitator on the deck at all times as you never know when and where they are going to pop up. Granted the average bite might be a little small, but occasionally there will be bass in the 4-5lb range amongst them. The nighttime bite is continues to be fair to good along the bluff walls in Bear and Yellow Creek and is a good way to escape the heat of the day. Black spinnerbaits and jigs are working there. Reports of striper action continues to come in from behind both Pickwick and Wilson dams. Swimbaits and spoons are both working, but more and more angler are opting to use live bait like skipjack and big shad to catch their fish. The catfish bite continues to be slow for the anglers reporting in except for those fishing behind Pickwick Dam. Most are tightlining cut or whole shad and skipjack. A reminder that Pickwick is a shared waterbody with Alabama, so the 1 catfish over 34 inch rule applies here.


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Here's a big one caught over the weekend.




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