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JP Coleman/Pickwick Lake - 10/27/2014


Pickwick Lake elevation: 408.79 ft. and falling at the time of this report. Look for TVA to continue to lower the lake level to help facilitate a dam inspection. Surface water temps are still running in the low 70s. The bass bite has gotten tougher over the last week, at least for keepers. Schooling action continues to occur but finding keeper size fish within those schools is proving challenging for some. Lures like rattletraps, spinnerbaits, swimbaits, shallow crankbaits, and various topwater lures are the most popular for the schoolers. A lot of anglers are targeting the grass beds as well. Most are using buzzbaits, frogs, senkos, flukes, spinnerbaits and swimbaits to catch their fish. Any irregularities in the bottom contour of the flats are going to hold fish moving up shallow to feed. Crappie anglers are targeting the main creeks like Yellow, Indian and Bear with decent success. Any deep water cover like brushtops and laydowns are going to hold fish. Try both jigs and minnows to see which the fish prefer. Best water depths were 10-20 ft. The catfish bite is fair to good right now. Most are tightlining cut or whole shad and skipjack. A reminder that Pickwick is a shared waterbody with Alabama, so the 1 catfish over 34 inch rule applies here.


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