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Tombigbee State Park - 2/23/2015


The cold and wet weather continues in northeast Mississippi, which has not only slowed the bite but has kept anglers off the water. The few reports coming in are from crappie anglers. Anglers are trolling or drifting to target suspended fish. Once you catch one, slow down and fish that area thoroughly as others are nearby. No bass reports this past week, but the reports should pick up as the lengthening days will signal the fish to go into their pre-spawn patterns. Some tactics that will work on these cold, lethargic fish are drop-shot rigs, shakeyheads and suspending jerkbaits. A spinnerbait or lipless crankbaits might get a reaction strike from these fish as well. Look for the fishing to slowly pick up over the next month as we move closer to spring.


For more information, contact the park at (662) 842-7669



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