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Turcotte Hatchery

Located on the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area adjacent to Ross Barnett Reservoir. Built in 1974, Turcotte has 16 production ponds totaling 13 acres and one 1/2-acre reservoir pond. Six of the production ponds were fitted with geotech fabric liners in 2009. Water supply is from a 400 gpm ground water well and a 400 gpm pump connected to the Pearl River. The facility includes a shop, walk-in cooler and hatchery building equipped with an incubation system, fiberglass raceways, circular tanks, office and bunk room.

Turcotte is the sole producer of Morone species, including the Gulf strain striped bass. Additional species produced at Turcotte include coppernose bluegill, redear sunfish and triploid grass carp.

Planned  renovations include liner installation in remaining production ponds, a new well, largemouth bass production ponds and an additional hatchery building.


Curtis Summerlin
Fisheries Biologist