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Lake Charlie Capps - 10/18/2017 2:43:36 PM

Fishing has been slow at Capps after the fish kill last last month.  The lake will remain open this fall until duck season.

A recent electrofishing survey has shown that the fish kill was very bad, and there are few if any catchable sized bass or crappie left in the lake.  MDWFP plans to try and restock the lake this fall, and hopefully when the lake re-opens in 2018 there will be adult fish to catch.

There are still some 5-6 inch bream left in the lake, but not near as many as before.  If you decided to bream fish, using worms or crickets in 3-4 foot of water is still probably the best option.



A depth map of Lake Charlie Capps can be found at the following link: Capps Depth Map


Creel Limits:    

  • Bass - 5 per day
  • Bream - 100 per day
  • Crappie - 20 per day 
Only bank fishing and non-motorized boats may be used.

All anglers except those exempt from purchasing a fishing license must carry on their person an annual Wildlife Management Area user permit to fish at Lake Charlie Capps.  These are available wherever hunting and fishing license are sold.




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