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Pond Assistance

MDWFP Fisheries Biologists provide pond information through phone calls, faxes, mail, and Email. Onsite sampling of ponds may be done only after the receipt of an application for such and the District Fisheries Biologist determines if this service is necessary to assess the current pond situation. This is a free service.

 Pond Management

 The MDWFP does NOT:

  • Provide free fish for stocking
  • Provide funds for pond construction
  • Provide funds for the purchase of fish or aquatic chemicals
  • Remove dead or live fish from ponds
  • Apply lime, fertilizer or any aquatic chemical
  • Perform onsite population assessments in ponds less than 1 acre or those managed by private pond consultants.
  • Perform onsite population assessments without the receipt of an application for such service.
  • Test water for pollution or toxic chemicals