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Southwest Region

Jerry Brown
Project Manager

Dustin Rodgers
Conservation Biologist

Trevor Knight
Consv. Res. Biologist
601-859-3421 trevork@mdwfp.state.ms.us

The MDWFP Southwest personnel are responsible for the management of public water fisheries in the southwest area of the state of Mississippi. This includes management of four Mississippi River and three Yazoo River oxbow lakes, including widely known Eagle Lake, in Warren County, and numerous miles of small streams and rivers to provide quality fishing waters for the sportsmen of Mississippi.  This area also includes four State Fishing Lakes, including Calling Panther Lake, in Copiah County, as well as three great State Park Lakes.

The Southwest part of the state provides excellent opportunities for everything from trophy bream, crappie and largemouth bass to some of the best catfishing in the south.  The Southwest District Fisheries group provides the management expertise to insure balanced fish populations, suitable habitat and the proper water quality to provide anglers with enjoyable experiences while using Mississippi's resources.