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Friday, February 21, 2014

2014 Fishing Forecast for Southwest Mississippi

JACKSON - Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) fisheries biologists look forward to the upcoming fishing season.  "This year should be a great time to be on the water if you are a bass angler," said MDWFP fisheries biologist, Jerry Brown.  "Our state fishing lakes have abundant bass populations and we want to encourage anglers to harvest some of the small bass they catch." added Brown.  Biologists sampled Lake Jeff Davis and Lake Mary Crawford during the fall and found many bass that were 12 inches and less.  "We saw nice bass at both lakes, but we need to thin-out some of these small fish. Anglers should take advantage of the opportunity," said Brown.  Lakes at Natchez and Lake Lincoln State Parks were also sampled during the fall.  "Both lakes are known to produce big Largemouth Bass and we found a wide range of sizes, including good numbers of bass in the 3-6 pound range," said Brown.  MDWFP State Fishing Lakes and State Park Lakes also provide excellent bream, crappie, and catfish fishing opportunities.                 


Fewer fish were caught in oxbow lakes connected to the Mississippi and Yazoo Rivers during 2013, but biologists are optimistic about the 2014 fishing season.  "We know bass and crappie numbers were down last year based on reports from anglers and our fall sampling confirmed this," said Brown.  "The record breaking flood in 2011 followed by near record low levels in 2012 may be to blame.  Both events happened during the spring when bass and crappie are spawning, and the fishing reports we're getting for our oxbow lakes are similar to those coming from other states," Brown added.  Largemouth Bass, crappie, and bream were collected during sampling and biologists expect the numbers to improve with time.                     


For more information regarding fishing in Mississippi, visit us at www.mdwfp.com or call us at 601-432-2212. 

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