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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Monster Fish Caught in the Upper Pearl River

JACKSON - Two local commercial fishermen caught one of the biggest fish of their fishing careers this weekend on the upper Pearl River in Leake County.  Fishermen Michael Pigg and Tony Foster were checking their hoopnets on Sunday, May 5, when an extraordinarily large Smallmouth Buffalo was caught.  The fish was 48 inches long and weighed 81.5 pounds.  This may not be the only big buffalo that is caught this spring.  According to Mr. Pigg, "The Smallmouth Buffalo are spawning, and big fish are in the same area.  We may catch an even bigger one."

Even though this fish is bigger than the current state record Smallmouth Buffalo, 57.8 pounds from Ross Barnett Reservoir in 1983, this 81 pound brute will not be part of the record book.  Fish harvested with commercial fishing gear are not eligible for state record status.

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