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Friday, February 22, 2013

Reforestation Project at Mahannah WMA

JACKSON - After recent changes in farming operations at Mahannah Wildlife Management Area (WMA), a reforestation plan has been developed and implemented to improve wildlife habitat on less-desirable farm lands.  Approximately 100 hundred acres of poorly drained and marginal farm land at Mahannah WMA has recently been reforested with a mixture of bottomland hardwoods species.  

To ensure a healthy stand, species of trees were selected by matching characteristics of their natural sites with similar sites at Mahannah WMA.  Seedlings were mixed in this new forest to ensure a 50/50 ratio between red oak species and other mast producing species.  Species planted consisted of Nuttall oak, willow oak, persimmon, American elm, sugarberry, green ash, sweet pecan, sweet gum, and cedar elm.  Seedlings were planted on a 7'x10' spacing to promote faster growth and to ensure healthy, well-formed trees.  

Improvements to waterfowl habitat, as well as additional reforestation, and other habitat management activities are planned for the next few years at Mahannah WMA.  Specifically, plans to install two new wells and construct levees to create additional waterfowl impoundments and public hunting opportunities are also in the works.  

For more information regarding Wildlife Management Areas in Mississippi, visit our website at www.mdwfp.com/wmaor call us at 601-432-2199. 

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