Page 11 - MDWFP CWD Response Plan
P. 11

Appendix B --- Regulations

            Current Mississippi Captive Cervid Regulations:

                   § 49-7-51. Sale of game birds, animals or fish (prohibits sale of live white-tailed deer)

                   § 49-7-54. Importation and translocation of white-tailed deer into state prohibited; exception
                   for university research facilities; commission to establish regulations governing importation
                   with emphasis on disease prevention; penalties

                   § 49-7-58. Temporary moratorium on importation of elk, red deer, mule deer, black-tailed
                   deer and other cervids designated as susceptible to chronic wasting disease; penalties;
                   authority of commission

                   § 49-7-58.1. Regulation of enclosures preventing free egress of white-tailed deer

                   § 49-7-58.2. Program of inspecting, monitoring, testing and preventing chronic wasting

                   § 49-7-58.3. Regulation of hunting of nonnative cervids in noncommercial wildlife

                   § 49-7-58.4. Regulation of commercial and noncommercial wild animal enclosures and
                   facilities preventing free ingress and egress of native and nonnative cervids

                   § 49-7-78. Canned hunts prohibited

                   § 49-7-80. Releasing aquatic species or animals not indigenous to Mississippi without permit

                   § 49-11-3. Persons to who operating licenses may be issued; area and other requirements;
                   regulatory authority

                   § 49-11-5. Fees for shooting preserve and commercial wildlife enclosure licenses

                   49-11-7. License to indicate whether preserve or commercial wildlife enclosure is open to
                   public; records of department

                   § 49-11-9. Chapter and license hereunder to be supplemental and additional

                   49-11-15. Game which may be hunted; authority of commission

                   § 49-11-19. Authority of operator’s restrictions

                   § 49-11-21. Harvesting of wild game on shooting preserves or commercial wildlife

                   § 49-11-23. Certificate issued to hunter or person leaving preserve with harvested game

                   § 49-11-25. Records of operators; consent to patrolling of preserve or enclosure areas

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