Page 13 - MDWFP CWD Response Plan
P. 13

o Cleaned teeth
                              o Hides and tanned products
                              o Finished taxidermy and antler products
                         Strengthen CWD sampling requirements within enclosures to the following:
                              o  CWD test required for the first 10 white-tailed deer 12 months old or older
                                 harvested each hunting season. If less than 10 adult white-tailed deer are
                                 harvested, then all must be tested.
                              o  CWD test any white-tailed deer displaying clinical signs of CWD.
                              o  CWD test any white-tailed deer that dies within a breeding pen.
                         If an enclosure has imported a CWD susceptible species from inside or outside of
                          Mississippi, CWD test all known white-tailed deer mortalities within the enclosure.
                         Partner with Mississippi Board of Animal Health to develop regulations for CWD
                          susceptible exotic cervids.

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