Page 21 - MDWFP CWD Response Plan
P. 21

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks
                                      Permit and Right of Entry for CWD Sampling

                   Landowner:                                                  Telephone #:
                   Mailing Address:
                                            All lands Landowner owns or controls at           County,

                   Subject Property:        Mississippi.
                                                (Optional) Also see attached map and/or legal description

                   Species to be harvested:
                                                Other cervids:
                                            Beginning at 12:01 a.m. (Central Time) on                  ,
                   Entry Period:            20
                                            Ending at 11:59 p.m. (Central Time) on                  , 20

                   Additional Terms and     (List any special concerns regarding use of the property or indicate
                   Conditions:              "None").
                   The  undersigned  Landowner  hereby  grants  to  the  Mississippi  Department  of  Wildlife,
                   Fisheries, and Parks (hereinafter referred to as “MDWFP”) a Permit and Right of Entry to the
                   above-described lands upon the following terms and conditions:

                       1.  Landowner grants to MDWFP, its agents and employees, a revocable right to enter
                          upon the Subject Property at any time within the Entry Period in order to (a) plan,
                          conduct, and assess the effectiveness of, an MDWFP operation to harvest the above-
                          specified number and species of wild (non-captive) cervids on Landowner’s lands for
                          the purposes of testing them for the presence of Chronic Wasting Disease (“CWD”)
                          and (b) carry out such other work as may be reasonably necessary to complete said
                          operation. The permissible activities by MDWFP include, but are not limited to,  using
                          firearms  or  other  killing  devices  to  harvest  the  specified  wildlife  on  the  Subject
                          Property, removing the harvested wildlife using vehicles (including ATVs or UTVs),
                          conducting subsequent inspections to assess the effectiveness of the operation, and
                          performing follow-up sampling. Landowner may revoke the right to enter at any time
                          by providing to MDWFP written notice signed by Landowner.

                       2.  There  is  currently  no  live  test  for  CWD.  Landowner  understands  and  agrees  that
                          MDWFP will take possession of all wildlife harvested pursuant to this Permit and Right
                          of Entry for CWD testing and will dispose of all wildlife that tests positive for CWD
                          in accordance with MDWFP carcass disposal guidelines.

                       3.  This  permit  includes  the  right  of  ingress  and  egress  on  or  across  other  lands  of
                          Landowner not described herein, provided that such ingress and egress is reasonably
                          necessary and not otherwise, in the judgment of MDWFP, conveniently available to

                       4.  All  tools,  equipment,  and  other  property  taken  upon  or  placed  upon  the  Subject
                          Property by MDWFP shall remain the property of MDWFP and shall be removed by it
                          before expiration of this Permit and Right of Entry.

                       5.  MDWFP shall have the right to patrol and provide security for any of its property placed
                          on the Subject Property for the duration of this Permit and Right of Entry.

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