Page 30 - MDWFP CWD Response Plan
P. 30

-  Ultimately, public and agency concerns and perceptions about human health risks
                          associated with all TSE’s may erode hunter’s confidence and their willingness to hunt
                          in areas where CWD occurs.

                   Is the meat safe to eat?
                   Hunters are recommended to not eat meat from animals known to be infected with CWD.
                   Hunters in CWD areas are also advised to bone out their meat and to not consume those parts
                   where prions likely accumulate.

                            Information from CWD Alliance. Accessed 31 August 2016.

                   For more information
                   MDWFP -
                   Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance -
                   USDA APHIS VS -
                   USGS National Wildlife Health Center -
                   Department of Health & Human Services Center for Disease Control -

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