Page 31 - MDWFP CWD Response Plan
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Appendix I------CWD-Response Team Definitions

                   CWD Team Leader- The Chief of Law Enforcement and the Director of Wildlife Bureau
                   will chair the CWD Administrative Team, will serve as the primary point of contact for the
                   CWD response effort, and will be responsible for communicating CWD response efforts to
                   MDWFP administration.
                   CWD Administrative Team- will oversee the implementation of the MDWFP’s CWD
                   Response Plan and CWD Action Plan.
                   Support Team- will assist the CWD Administrative Team by contacting local landowners
                   for sampling permissions on private lands, handling public relations, through the generation
                   of maps, and by providing technological support.
                   Facilities Coordinator- will determine and procure an adequate location for CWD
                   operations location/facility and for housing/maintenance of staff. This would include
                   sleeping quarters, washing facilities, restrooms, and meals.
                   Enforcement Staff- will provide security to all workstation and staff-housing locations and
                   address security issues encountered by field staff during CWD sampling efforts.
                   Shooting Team Leader- will coordinate the collection of cervids for CWD sampling
                   purposes via still-hunting utilizing MDWFP staff, participating private landowners, and
                   roving night-sampling teams.
                   Single-location MDWFP Shooter- MDWFP personnel who will participate in CWD
                   collection efforts via the use of still or stand hunting.
                   Roving Shooting Team- mobile units which will be responsible for the collection of cervids
                   for CWD testing purposes. The Roving Shooting Team will be comprised of at least three
                   MDWFP employees to include a driver, spotter, and shooter and may conduct collection
                   during daylight or nighttime hours.
                   Private Landowner Cooperator- an approved private landowner who has been issued an
                   approved MDWFP landowner permission letter for the purpose of collecting cervids in order
                   to assist the MDWFP in CWD sampling efforts.
                   Transport Team Leader- will coordinate the transportation of cervids which were harvested
                   for CWD sampling purposes to the approved CWD operation facility/location.
                   Transportation Team- will serve as support to single-location MDWFP shooter and roving
                   night-sampling teams by providing the transport of harvested cervids to the approved CWD
                   operation facility/location.
                   Biological Team Leader- will coordinate the collection of all necessary biological samples
                   (CWD, DNA, etc.), the processing and disposal of cervid carcasses, and for managing all
                   data and samples collected.
                   Carcass Disposal Team- will be comprised of the Biological Team Leader and biological
                   sample collectors to ensure the proper disposal of cervid carcasses.
                   Sample Collector- MDWFP will collect biological samples (i.e. CWD, DNA, etc.) from
                   cervids harvested for CWD sampling purposes. Will also assist in processing and the proper
                   disposal of cervid carcasses.

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