MDWFP Black Bear Camera Survey
9/22/2017 11:40:09 AM
By Jamie Holt, Black Bear Program Biologist
The MDWFP is currently conducting a camera survey on a 6,000-acre tract of land in the south delta.  This survey is designed to estimate the number of black bears on the tract, which is known to have a high concentration of bears. 
In the past, bait station camera surveys have proved to be ineffective in gathering accurate information for bears.  With various wildlife species visiting the sites, the bait is only effective while it remains. Once all the bait is gone, there is no reason for a bear to visit the site.  We are using a scented lure that will remain in place for a longer period and remains effective throughout each interval of when the cameras are checked roughly every 10 days. 
These camera stations will be run for 6-8 weeks and at the conclusion of the survey, the results will be used in a mathematical model to give us an estimate of the number of bears in the survey area. If successful this method will be implemented in other areas of the state known to have bears as we move forward in determining a scientifically based estimate of the black bear population in Mississippi.
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