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First Tuesday Lecture

Tuesday, February 02, 2016   Noon - 1 p.m.

Location:  MDWFP Museum of Natural Science

County:  Hinds

For more information please contact the Visitor Information Specialist at 601-576-6000.

What's the Point of All Those Fish in Jars?

SPEAKER: Matthew D. Wagner, State Ichthyologist/Curator of Fishes, Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks' Museum of Natural Science

Ever look at a distribution map in a field guide and wonder where those data came from? Or have you ever wondered what the point is of keeping shelves full of fish specimens?

This talk will answer those questions, while primarily focusing on the utility of specimens and the data associated with them. Specifically, it will demonstrate how the specimens can be used to assess species distribution or status through time and it will cover how understanding the data can help biologists plan future surveys.

February 2016 Lecture

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