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Man Eating Bengal Tigers Lecture

Tuesday, May 03, 2016   Noon - 1 p.m.

Location:  MDWFP Museum of Natural Science

County:  Hinds

For more information please contact  the Visitor Information Specialist at  601-576-6000.

Ecology and Conservation of the Man-Eating Bengal Tigers of the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh

SPEAKER: AHM Ali Reza, Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Wildlife Management Programs, Department of Biological Sciences, Delta State University, Cleveland, MS.

May 2016 Tiger Lecture

Photo Credit: Steve Winter

The Sundarbans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the largest single block of productive tidal mangrove forest in the world. It is located in the mouth of the mighty River Ganges.

The story of the Sundarbans Bengal Tigers is completely different from the tiger populations of mainland India. The Bengal Tigers that live here adapted an amphibian life-style in a very difficult and fragile terrain. Like many of the world's most recognized and beloved creatures, these tigers are in trouble. Their conservation is even more difficult as they are historically known as 'man-eaters'.  Hear some of the untold stories of this mysterious tiger population during this lecture.

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