Indoor Exhibits
Mississippi is home to a unique-and uniquely varied-natural heritage. The remarkable Mississippi Museum of Natural Science assembles that heritage and places it on display for the education and entertainment of visitors from across the nation and around the globe. 

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Outdoor Exhibits
The Museum's outdoor exhibits are designed to give visitors opportunities for nature walks, photography, the study of living things in their environment, and interactive exposure to special topics via an outdoor maze. 

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Exhibit Stories
From Idea to Exhibit Hall 
If permanent exhibits are the backbone of our museum then special exhibits are a refreshing breath.

Each year the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science selects at least one large and one moderately-sized special exhibit to complement its overall mission and reenergize its message. These special features foster renewed interest from our frequent visitors and spark awareness for folks who have never graced our doors. They bring wonders from across the globe, igniting imaginations and fueling minds with beneficial understanding of our natural world.

Shopping for and deciding which of many tantalizing traveling exhibits to bring here to Mississippi is a big job. Our team of scientists work closely with our exhibit staff to ensure that each exhibit contains relevant biological information, an appropriate educational message, and geographic significance. We spend several months planning, researching, funding, designing, and installing each one, as well as developing educational programming, special events, and promotion.

In choosing special exhibits, one of our first tasks is resolving the logistics of bringing any one of them to our Museum. Is there a time slot on its travel schedule that matches our calendar? What are the costs of rental, shipping, and installation? Are there sponsors, who feel as we do that it has a worthwhile and beneficial message to share with Mississippi families? Do we have enough room within our facilities?

Any of these traveling exhibits can range from 3 to 5 tractor-trailers full of scientific models, fossils, and equipment. On occasion, display components were so large that Museum doors had to be taken down just to get them into the building! Once the main elements are in place, our expert staff complete the installation with lighting, sound, media, and displays from our own collection.

Of course, none of these special exhibits would be possible without our sponsors, whom we recognize at each exhibit, online, and in each Newsline. It is through their generosity that we have been able to provide the most interesting and informative exhibits for our fellow Mississippians.