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"A Forest Journey" & "Nature's Numbers" Exhibits February 8, 2014 - April 27, 2014
Take a hands-on Journey through the natural world and
discover the shapes and patterns of Nature


What do cough drops, baseballs, and chewing gum have in common?

Find out at the Museum's exciting new exhibit "A Forest Journey". Inspired by the science
writer John Perlin's Harvard classic A Forest Journey: The Role of Wood in the Development of Civilization, this interactive tromp through the world of forests sheds light on the history of the use of wood, explores the many forest products we rely on, and explains the relationship between forests and the benefits of trees. What's the difference between hardwoods and softwood trees? Why do leaves change color? How do trees eat? Learn all this and much more at this hands-on exhibit especially suited for middle to high school audiences.


What do butterflies, snowflakes, and seashells have in common?

Find out at our second new exhibit "Nature's Numbers". Has your child ever noticed the pattern of spots on your dog or the delicate symmetry of butterfly wings? What about the shape of crystals in salt or the spirals in a seashell? Nature's Numbers is a graphically lush, tactile environment that offers infinite opportunities for children to discover the many shapes and patterns found in nature. Light, color, gravity, weather and many other natural phenomena are playfully explored through creative puzzles and hands-on interactive units. Perfectly tailored for elementary school students, Nature's Numbers teaches children to look more closely at the nature that surrounds us, and to learn about the math behind the nature. You and your child will never look at a leaf or snowflake the same way again.

A Forest Journey and Nature's Numbers were created by The Franklin Institute and are sponsored locally by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, Mississippi Museum of Natural Science Foundation, Sanderson Farms, The Walker Foundation, Feild Cooperative Association, Paul Benton, Plum Creek, Trustmark Bank, Chris and Steve Zachow, Opal Dakin, Halla Jo Ellis, Wes Ellis, Janice Larson, and other generous sponsors.

AFJ children

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