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February 11-15 & 18-23, 2013 (9 a.m. - Noon)

NG Giant Map North America

Photograph by Denise Harts

Click here to see the map.

The Giant Traveling Map of North America brings geography home in a big way for American students.

On this 26' x 35' map, students traverse the continent from Alaska's Aleutian Islands to the Panama Canal and from Iceland to Baja. Along the way they use their bodies to represent physical features, go on a westward journey to track population growth, and play an action-packed game of Simon Says. Older students looking for a challenge compare U.S. state carbon dioxide emissions and explore major watersheds of the continent. Like all Giant Traveling Maps, this map comes with a trunk of rich activities, games, props and educational resources.

Teachers - please call 601-576-6000 to reserve a time for your class.

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