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Private Lands Habitat Program

"Conservation can accomplish its objectives only when it springs from an
impelling conviction on the part of private  landowners."
- Aldo Leopold

 Wildlife biologists within the Private Lands Habitat Program (PLHP) provide habitat management advice to private landowners to help them achieve their wildlife management  objectives.
  About 80% of Mississippi is privately owned - a tremendous landbase used by many wildlife species. Many landowners want to manage wildlife on their property, but simply do not know where to start. PLHP biologists conduct site visits with landowners and make habitat management recommendations for their specific property. When possible, biologists can help landowners obtain cost-share assistance to conduct management practices. Detailed  management plans may also be developed to help landowners accomplish their objectives. And the best news - biologist assistance is free of charge
For more information about the PLHP or to schedule a site visit, contact your regional PLHP biologist listed below. For a map of current PLHP regions click here. 

John Gruchy (North)
(662) 274-1050

Scott Edwards (Central)
(662) 325-7490

Rick Hamrick (Prairie)
(662) 617-1445

Alec Conrad (Delta)
(662) 588-6648

Tamara Campbell (South)
(601) 757-0798

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