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Mahannah WMA Dove Field

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Special Regulations:

No hunting is allowed prior to September 14.

September 14. Youth only.

The dove field is planted in sunflowers with bare strips throughout the field.  The hunt is open to youths 15 years of age and younger.  You must pre-register to hunt during the youth hunt. A parent or guardian over 21 years old must accompany each youth hunter during the entire hunt.  Hunters and their parent should be at Mahannah between 10:30 am and 11 am.  Planned events prior to the hunt include skeet shooting, Hunter Ed laser shooting, safety discussion with MDWFP Conservation Officers, and lunch will be provided.  The hunt will begin at 2pm and conclude at sunset.

Click here to register for the Mahannah Youth Dove Hunt.

September 15 - 22. Open to the public: Thirty minutes prior to sunrise - sunset.