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X-TREME is a new division for AIMS schools that will allow archers to use bows with set draw lengths, release aids, and sights. This will enable our high school archers (Grades 9 through 12) to be formally trained to use equipment that will benefit them at the next level (Collegiate Archery) enabling these archers to bow hunt and shoot in  adult archery events or even professionally.

AIMS X-TREME uses the new Gen-X bow with a 40 pound peak weight and is equipped with an adjustable sight, tunable arrow rest, peep sight, stabilizer, string loop, and a comfortable caliper style release aid.

The new AIMS EXTREME bow pictured above is loaded out with great terminal gear that is at home on the range or in the woods.

In capable hands this rig is plenty to take a whitetail deer down.  This division will also add a new challenge for High School age student athletes. The AIMS X-TREME program not only differs in the equipment of AIMS  but the targets are also a durable animal style target face that are easily stored and transported so range set up is simple for instructors and students. These targets easily fit on standard AIMS target bags making the EXTREME program affordable for every school.

This is two of the six target faces used in AIMS X-TREME competition.

The format for X-TREME will follow the standard AIMS format.  One practice end of 5 arrows for practice and the next three ends will be for score at 10 meters. Student athletes will move to 15 meters and repeat the process 1practice end followed by three scoring ends. A perfect score of 300 is possible and ties will be broken by the AIMS X-TREME protocol.

All competitors will use the same model and style of equipment.  The picture below shows the equipment that is allowed for competition. Easton Genesis arrows are the required arrows fletched with 3” straight vanes. The arrows must be full length with glue in points installed.  Floor quivers are the only style quivers allowed.

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To include your school in the XTREME program contact



Steve Smith/AIMS Assistant Coordinator



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