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Columbus Lake - 11/22/2017 11:53:08 AM

The crappie reports continue to be fair to good. Hit the mouths and steep banks of old river runs right now for best results. Any cover along those shorelines are a plus. Clearer water may be the ticket for getting more bites. Both jigs and minnows are producing, but either may out produce the other on any given day. The bass bite is fair to good. The river runs are producing a few fish, and the gravel pits are holding numbers of keeper-size bass. No one pattern is working, but if you can find the shad, a crankbait, chatterbait, or spinnerbait should produce some bites. As with crappie, clearer water may produce more bites. Other techniques to consider are an Alabama-rig in the gravel pits or other places where clearer water is and swimbaits where schools of shad are present. The catfish reports are fair. Most folks are hitting the channel and the mouths of the old river runs with jugs and rod-n-reels with some success. Shad and cutbait are the best baits this time of year.


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