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Lake Mike Conner - 11/21/2017 11:33:38 AM

For more information, call the lake office at (601) 765-4024.

Water temperature: 55

Visibility: 48"


Bass fishing is good!  One angler caught 18 on a pumpkinseed sinko, and another caught 27 on a black worm, all in the 1 to 3 pound range.  Lake Mike Conner is bass crowded, and the harvesting of small bass is encouraged.


Bream fishing is slow on redworms and crickets in about 2 feet of water.  Anglers are also having success with Tiny Shad lures. 


Crappie fishing has been picking up; some large (over one pound) crappie have been caught recently in deep water on minnows.

Mike C record crappie

The new lake record white crappie, 2.2 pounds.


No current reports on catfish. Try worms and liver fished on the bottom.

New fish attractors were added at this lake to improve fish habitat.  The brushpiles were added in various depths, but most are located in 3 - 6 ft. of water.  Five brushpiles were sunk on the levee in 15 - 20 ft.  Below are GPS coordinates for some of the sites.  Be sure your GPS is reading decimal degrees (shown below) and not degrees-minutes-seconds when locating these  attractors.

GPS coordinates:                                                                                                31.57523N   -89.64664W                                                                                                    

31.57522N   -89.64683W                                                                                    

31.57488N   -89.64728W                                                                                      

31.57464N   -89.64788W                                                                                      

31.57520N   -89.65256W                                                                                        

31.57496N   -89.65248W                                                                                          

31.57520N   -89.65196W                                                                                       

31.57526N   -89.64890W                                                                                      

31.57520N   -89.64887W                                                                                      

31.57722N   -89.65160W                                                                                      

31.57689N   -89.65116W                                                                                      

31.57497N   -89.65134W                                                                                       

31.57489N   -89.65144W                                                                                         

31.57251N   -89.65022W                                                                                      

31.57206N   -89.64914W                                                                                    

Click here for a lake depth map.


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