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Simpson County Lake - 12/4/2018 9:48:51 PM

Weekly fishing reports will return in February. Below are some tips for fishing during the winter and early spring.

Bass should be targeted around brush piles or deep points that contain structure or sudden contour change. Crank baits or soft plastics fished slowly in these areas should be good choices for lures. Fish may also be found around creek ledges where structure may be present.  

Try crappie along creek channels and deep structure with jigs or minnows. Open water out from the dam should be a good area to target fish. Numerous brush piles were added in this area during January 2016.   

Tight lining for bream with red worms and crickets at depths of 8 - 10 ft can be very productive during the winter months.

Catfish can be targeted in deeper water along creek channels that contain some type of structure. Liver, worms, or minnows fished along the bottom can be productive late in the year.


Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Fisheries Biologists use various sampling methods to assess the fish populations in the State’s waters. Sampling results for selected water bodies are summarized in Reel Facts Sheets

A lake depth map can be accessed at the link below.


New fish attractor coordinates added 1/27/16

N 31.91391 W 89.79392 N 31.91466 W 89.78912
N 31.91371 W 89.79394 N 31.91450 W 89.78891
N 31.91344 W 89.79388 N 31.91438 W 89.78863
N 31.91469 W 89.79163 N 31.91476 W 89.78922
N 31.91565 W 89.79165 N 31.91480 W 89.78888
N 31.91502 W 89.78989 N 31.91461 W 89.78897
N 31.91481 W 89.78941 N 31.91646 W 89.78997
N 31.91479 W 89.78960 N 31.91658 W 89.79011
N 31.91468 W 89.78929
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