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Tippah County Lake - 10/4/2022 10:16:19 AM
Species Detail
Largemouth Bass The bass bite continues to be slow to fair. Anglers are targeting the flats and points close to deeper water early and late in the day with various topwater presentations, lightly weighted soft plastics, and shallow crankbaits. Any cover in those areas should hold fish. Some anglers are moving deeper on the points and targeting off shore structure with cover on it. Texas/Carolina-rigged soft plastics, shakeyheads, and jigs are popular lure choices for the deeper water bite. If you aren’t getting bites, try downsizing your presentations. Look for the bite to pick up as we move further into fall and water temps start dropping.
Crappie Not much to report on crappie, as none have been caught recently. Main points and the creek channel are typically the areas to target for crappie. Hair jigs, minnows, and vertically jigged blade baits are good choices to try in those areas. Brush tops in 6-10 feet of water should also be holding some fish.
Bream The bream bite is fair, with some decent fish being caught sporadically. Try tightlining redworms on the bottom for shellcrackers. Crickets and nightcrawlers are the best options for bluegill, but don't overlook small spinners. Popping bugs on a fly rod should also catch some fish.
Catfish No recent reports on catfish, but Tippah Lake has a healthy catfish population. Known as one of the few state lakes with flatheads, anglers fishing at night with live bream have fair success. However, don't overlook the channel cats! They are more abundant than the flatheads, and are readily caught with koolaid-flavored chicken, nightcrawlers, liver, or your preferred commercial catfish bait. Cut bait is also a good option.

Special Fishing Regulations


Species Type Length To Release
Catfish No length limit.

Creel Limits (per person, per day)

Type Amount Additional Information
Catfish 10 Creel limit for all State Fishing and State Park Lakes.
  • Only rod and reel or pole fishing is allowed on State Fishing Lakes except that carp, gar, buffalo, and bowfin may be taken by use of bow and arrow at night only after purchasing a valid permit for fishing and/or boating. No other gear is allowed at these lakes. 
  • Fishing is not allowed from courtesy piers adjacent to boat ramps. Night fishing is allowed from the bank or boats which are in compliance with state and Coast Guard regulations.

 Additional Information:  


For information about Tippah County Lake, please call (662) 837-9850.

Tippah County Lake Depth Map

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Fisheries Biologists use various sampling methods to assess the fish populations in the State’s waters.   Sampling results for selected water bodies are summarized in Reel Facts Sheets.


In January of 2020 and 2021, MDWFP personnel sank donated Christmas trees in Tippah Lake. The brush piles are a good way to upcycle leftover Christmas trees and create fishing hot spots.  Coordinates have been verified; be sure you enter the number in the proper format.  Coordinates marked with * are approximate due to a glitch in the GPS unit, but are close.  The coordinates are listed below:


 34.7878, -88.9555

 34.7901, -88.9511

 34.7948, -88.9513

 34.7942, -88.9507

 34.7927, -88.9538

 34.7933, -88.9561

 34.7937, -88.9554


 34.78833, -88.9552*

 34.78600, -88.95636*

 34.79345, -88.94978*

 34.79415, -88.95042

 34.79498, -88.95135

 34.79366, -88.95390

 34.79197, -88.95367


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