Fishing & Boating

Non-Game Gross Fish

List of Non-Game Gross Fish in Mississippi, as defined in State Law 49-7-9, that can be caught in commercial fishing gear and/or sold.

Buffalo Fishes - Smallmouth buffalo, Bigmouth buffalo, Black buffalo

Other Suckers - Quillback, Highfin carpsucker, River carpsucker, Blacktail redhorse

Catfishes - Channel catfish, Blue Catfish, Flathead Catfish, Yellow Bullhead, Brown Bullhead, Black Bullhead

Gars - Alligator Gar, Spotted Gar, Shortnose Gar, Longnose Gar


American Eel

Freshwater Drum (gaspagoo)

Common Carp

Paddlefish (spoonbill catfish) - Closed to all commercial harvest, possession and sale as of October 2019.

Shad - Gizzard Shad, Threadfin Shad


Non-Native Fish (also requires a commercial license to sell as stated in State Law 49-7-90)

Asian Carps - Grass Carp, Silver Carp, Bighead Carp, Bighead Carp

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