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Shooting Range Rules and Regulations




The entire range facility will be CLOSED on Friday August 11 , for a sporting clay tournament .

 Entrance Fees

A daily entrance fee of $15 is required to shoot.

We now accept payment with either a credit or a debit card, cash or a personal check! 

 Range Hours
Summer Hours Begin March 1st
Thursday & Friday: Noon - 6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Winter Hours Begin November 1st
Thursday & Friday: Noon - 5:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Location / Contact Info
McHenry Shooting Facility
1060 East McHenry Road
Perkinston, MS 39573 --- Google Directions
(601) 928-1645
Range-Master - Todd Shiyou


 Shotgun Rentals Now Available

12 and 20 gauge shotguns are now available to rent at all three MDWFP Shooting Facilities for $20.00 per day. Shotgun ammunition purchase is required with a shotgun rental. Call the range for ammunition prices. You must be 21 years old to rent or with a guardian 21 years or older.

MS Scholastic Shooting Program

The Mississippi Scholastic Shooting Program (MSSP) is a team-based, youth development program that uses the shotgun sports of 5-Stand, Skeet, and Sporting Clays to instill life skills such as discipline, safety, teamwork, ethics, self-confidence, and other life values. 

More Details... 



Handgun classes, including the Enhanced Carry Permit Class, have been temporarily suspended. but will resume sometime in the near future, so stay tuned.  Steve "Reno" Moore has retired, but will return and work on a part time basis, beginning in September.  At that time, he will resume teaching all 3 of our classes.  We expect to keep the classes scheduled in their normal sequence, in that they'll be offered at our McHenry Range on the 4th Tuesday and Wednesday of each month!  So please stay tuned!


BASIC HANDGUN 100 CLASS  (Ages 18 & up):

(6 hours of lecture/classroom work and 2 hours of work on the firing range) 

This course of instruction is for the person who has “little or no experience with a handgun,” or the shooter who has never been taught the "Fundamentals of Marksmanship."  If you have just purchased a handgun, or would like to purchase one, but have no idea what to purchase, nor what you need for your purposes, be they self-defense, hunting, or recreational target shooting, then this is the course for you.  In addition, if you've shot handguns for most of your life, and want to improve your ability to the target, this is the course for you.  We begin with a thorough safety lecture, and then familiarize you with two basic types of firearms – pistols and revolvers – and teach you how to safely and properly operate them.  The basics of how to stand, how to hold the handgun, how to use the sights, and how to manipulate the trigger will be covered in both lectures and on-the-range exercises.  What causes recoil, and methods of mitigating recoil, are also covered, in both lecture and on-the-range exercises. 

Four handguns will be made available for the class to try.  One will be a Browning HP, chambered in 9mm Parabellum (a.k.a. 9mm Luger or 9x19), a Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver, chambered in .38 Special, a Smith & Wesson Model 60 revolver, chambered in .38 Special, and a Glock Model 43 chambered in 9mm Parabellum.  A limited amount of ammunition will be provided for students to shoot during this course, to determine what level of recoil that they can handle.  If you want to shoot additional rounds, you will have to provide the additional ammo, yourself.  This course will normally be limited to no more than 8 students, primarily for safety reasons, but also to be able to give each beginning student the necessary one-on-one instructor/student attention.  You may bring your own handgun and ammunition, and are required to bring your own eye and ear protection, as well as any other personal gear that you deem necessary (such as bug repellent, sunscreen, water, lunch, etc.)

Students are required to bring:  Eye & ear protection, as well as paper & pen to take notes. 

COST:  $18.19


BASIC HANDGUN 200 CLASS  (Ages 18 & up): Prerequisite – Basic Handgun 100 Class 

(2 hours of lecture, 3 hours of shooting on the firing range, and 3 hours of learning how to take apart, clean, and maintain your firearm.) 

This course of instruction is a natural “follow on” to the Basic Handgun 100 course.  It gives you, the student, an opportunity to practice, under an instructor’s watchful eye, what you’ve learned in the Basic Handgun 100 course, with your own firearm, then, very importantly, you’ll be taught how to take down, clean, and properly maintain your firearm. 

Students are required to bring:  Your handgun, a minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition for your handgun, a rigid gun belt (that won’t flex and ride upward, as the firearm is withdrawn) and holster to fit your handgun, eye & ear protection, and a cleaning kit that fits your respective handgun.  The cleaning kit must include:  a cleaning rod, a jag or slotted tip, a bronze bore brush, cotton cleaning patches, Q-tips, cotton pipe cleaners, a cotton cloth to wipe the gun down, a towel (at least 12 inches x 24 inches in size) or a commercial cleaning mat, bore solvent, and gun oil. 

COST:  $18.19


(6 hours of lecture, followed by 2 hours of shooting on the firing line)

This course of instruction is to qualify an individual for the Mississippi Enhanced Carry Permit, as issued by the Mississippi Highway Patrol, Firearms Permit Unit.  More specifically, the purposes of this course are to:  a) expose you to the legal requirements, regarding concealed carry within the State of Mississippi, b) to verify that you are both safe and competent with your firearm, and c) to award you the certificate required for issue of a Mississippi Enhanced Carry Permit. 

Students are required to bring:  You must provide your own firearm, 100 rounds of ammunition, gun belt, holster, eye protection and ear protection for this course.  At the conclusion of the morning lectures, you must pass a 50-shot qualification test, which will be fired from 3 yards and 7 yards.  We require the additional 50 rounds, in case you don’t pass the initial qualification shooting test, and need to re-shoot the test. 

COST:  $107.00



Range Status
If severe weather is in the area, the McHenry Shooting Range will close.  For more information please call (601) 928-1645.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Please check back periodically for status updates.

Pistol Range Available, whenever the range is open
Rifle Range Available, whenever the range is open
Archery Range Available, whenever the range is open
Trap Range Available, whenever the range is open
5 Stand Available, whenever the range is open
Skeet Range Available, whenever the range is open


Available Ranges:

Pistol Range:
The Pistol Range offers 20 shooting lanes with ranges from 5, 10 and 20 yards.  Shooters will utilize target stands and frames provided by McHenry Range.

Rifle Range:
The rifle ranges offer two ranges with ten shooting tables per range.  We provide movable target stands and shooters are able to engage targets out to 170 yards

Sporting Clay:
Our sporting clay range stretches a length of 1.6 miles through the woods. It is a newly constructed range with challenging shots through ever changing terrain.  We use an electronic clay counting system that allows a single shooter to use the course when the time delay option is selected. There are thirteen (13) shooting stations on the course. We charge $.30 per clay. We have golf carts available for rent at $20 per day. 

Trap Range:
McHenry offers one trap range that promises to challenge your shotgun shooting abilities.

McHenry Range has three Olympic style skeet ranges on the premises for shooters to hone their shooting abilities throughout the year.

5 Stand:
The 5 Stand located in the heart of McHenry Range Facility offers the most unique shotgun shooting experience you will ever encounter.  The 5 Stand is built on a pier overlooking a small lake surrounded by sporting clay throwers.  Actual hunting conditions will ready you for hunting season or just to test your skills.

McHenry offers two archery ranges utilizing both known distance sighting-in targets and 3D animal targets at unknown distances. 


Other Range Information:
We offer targets for sale for use on both rifle and pistol ranges.

Range Requirements:

  • All shooters must check in-and-out with Range Officer.
  • All shooters will be provided range rules and regulations upon check-in.
  • All shooters will complete a "Daily Use Permit" each time they visit the McHenry Range Facility.
  • Hearing and Eye protection is required while on the shooting ranges at all times.
  • All firearms will be handled in a safe manner while at the range.
  • When moving on and off the range, firearms should be cased, holstered,
    or otherwise rendered safe.
  • Shooters are responsible for policing-up their brass and targets.


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