Page 12 - MDWFP CWD Response Plan
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§ 49-11-29. Chapter not applicable to fox, coyote, or rabbit enclosures

                   40 Miss Admin. Code, Part 2, Rule 8.2 Regulations for Enclosures Preventing the Free
                   Ingress and Egress of Wild Animals.

                   40 Miss Admin. Code, Part 2, Rule 8.5 Decommission of Enclosures Containing White-
                   tailed Deer.

                   Title 2, Part 101, Subpart 2, Chapter 06, Rule 102.01 Current MBAH regulations require
                   registration of all exotic livestock facilities.

                   Title 2, Part 101, Subpart 2, Chapter 06, Rule 103 A person keeping CWD susceptible
                   cervids must comply with this rule. The person must keep complete herd records, including
                   records related to animals entering or leaving the herd.

                   Title 2, Part 101, Subpart 2, Chapter 06, Rule 104 Under current rules, no person may
                   import a deer, elk, or other cervid into Mississippi without a permit from MBAH.
                   Additionally, it is illegal to import white-tail deer into Mississippi.

                   Title 2, Part 101, Subpart 2, Chapter 06, Rule 105.01 CWD Susceptible Animals may
                   only move within the state if they originate from a herd that has been granted a CWD Herd
                   Monitored Status from the State Veterinarian's Office, and are identified with an approved
                   method of identification.

                   Title 2, Part 101, Subpart 2, Chapter 06, Rule 106 This rule requires CWD testing of red
                   deer, elk, and elk hybrids.

                   Additional rules regarding CWD regulation of exotic cervids may be found at:

                   Suggested Regulations and Management Actions if CWD is Confirmed in Mississippi:

                         Delineate CWD Containment Zone.
                         Moratorium on reproductive material transport into and out of the affected zone.  At
                          such time conclusive evidence shows CWD may be transmitted via reproductive
                          material, a statewide moratorium may be implemented.
                         Prohibit supplemental feeding of wildlife within the CWD Buffer Zone.
                         Establish CWD testing guidelines for hunter-harvested cervids (see Appendix F).
                         Liberalize hunting season lengths and bag limits. This will be defined once the
                          circumstances (i.e. captive vs. free range, time of year, prevalence rate, deer density,
                          etc…) of the positive sample are identified.
                         Prohibit exportation of cervids from the CWD Containment Zone and CWD High
                          Risk Zone with the following exceptions:
                              o Deboned meat
                              o Antlers
                              o Antlers attached to a cleaned skull plate or cleaned skull where no tissue is
                                 attached to the skull

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