Page 7 - MDWFP CWD Response Plan
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developed. The CZ, HRZ, and BZ will have sampling areas with a radius of 5, 10,
                          and 25 miles, respectively, from the point of detection.
                              o  Zones will be delineated from each known positive to the nearest public road,
                                 political boundary, or other physiographic feature (river, lake, etc.). A
                                 designated CZ will be established and special regulations will be developed
                                 (Appendix B).
                         Implement zone specific regulations (Appendix F).
                         Ban supplemental feeding of all species in all counties containing the buffer zone.
                         Target sample size for each zone should be sufficient to detect CWD with 95%
                          confidence if the disease exists at a prevalence of at least 1% throughout the zone.
                          This sampling effort may span multiple years in this area pending deer density and
                          hunting pressure. Reference Appendix G for appropriate sample size for each zone.
                              o  As new positives are confirmed and CZ increases, the required sample size for
                                 the zone will increase proportionately to the increase in zone size. The
                                 increase in sample size will be applied to the additional zone area.
                              o  60 viable samples need to be taken within the first 60 days to accurately
                                 define the appropriate CZ boundaries.
                              o  MDWFP may harvest cervids in areas where other means of sample collection
                                 are inadequate, but only with permission and full cooperation of private
                         MDWFP personnel will immediately begin contacting private landowners and
                          obtaining access to private lands within the CZ. Staff will also coordinate with
                          managers of any public lands within the CZ and HRZ regarding access.
                         Schedule and advertise multiple public meetings around affected region.
                         Finalize and disseminate education materials. See Appendix H.
                         Establish a moratorium of all captive cervid movement into, out of, and within
                         The CWD-RT will coordinate the immediate inspection of all captive cervid facilities
                          within the CWD HRZ.
                         The CWD-RT will finalize a list of all supplies and materials needed to conduct field
                         The CWD-RT will include Deer Collection Teams, Carcass Transport Teams, and
                          Biological Data Collection Teams (Appendix I).
                         Firearm hunting seasons will be utilized to supplement CWD sampling through a
                          special regulatory process (Appendix B) in the HRZ.
                         Hunter harvested deer within the HRZ will be individually tagged and numbered at
                          special CWD check stations. CWD test results will be available to hunters via a page
                          created on the MDWFP website.
                         CWD surveillance will continue until the sample goal is obtained even if no
                          additional positives are confirmed.
                         If additional positives are not confirmed after the sample goal is obtained, sampling
                          will be reduced to target animals and road killed samples. Road killed samples will
                          continue to be taken from the positive county and all adjacent counties for five years.
                         Carcasses may either be left on site or disposed of by incineration, deep burial, or
                          transported to a lined landfill.
                         MDWFP will inspect all enclosures within the 5 mile CZ to ensure fencing
                          requirements are maintained to avoid possible escapes. MDWFP personnel will
                          utilize lethal collection methods to test for CWD inside all enclosures with the CZ.

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