Fall Fishing
Fall Fishing
8/20/2021 1:53:08 PM

Fall is the prime season for freshwater fishing in Mississippi.  As temperatures cool down, fish activity heats up!  Most of our freshwater species have a lull during the summer, and just like people, the high temperatures make them want to take it slow to stay cool.  For fish, this means not eating as much and sticking close to structure.  As fall sets in, their appetites grow, and they know it is time to fatten up for the winter.  This is a good thing for Mississippi anglers who have many ways to enjoy this seasonal swing.

Creek Fishing

Creek fishing in Mississippi is one of the best ways to enjoy fall fishing.  This can be accomplished by walking shallow creeks or by kayaking the deeper ones.  There are many creeks that run through our WMA’s and national forests where you do not have to worry about trespassing.  Spotted bass and largemouth bass fishing are spectacular during the fall.  The best starting point is at the mouth of a major creek.  From there, start fishing back into the creek until you find the bite. As fall progresses, the bass will move further back into the creeks.  Fall fishing requires covering a lot of water, which makes fast moving baits a good choice.  Topwaters, jerkbaits, shallow diving crankbaits, lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and swimbaits are all great choices.  Try to “match the hatch” and mimic the size and color of the predominant baitfish.  Keep moving and changing baits until you connect.  Once you find them, hang on for some great fishing.

River Fishing

The catfish bite in main river channels is exceptional during the fall.  With a small game hunting and fishing license, you can run up to 25 jugs with two hooks each.  Make sure that the line is securely attached to the jug. Bait of choice for flathead catfish is live bream, for blue catfish is cutbait, and channel catfish prefer liver.  In general, you should fish on or near the bottom for catfish, so set your gear with strong line and a good weight.

Lakes and Reservoirs

If Crappie are your species of choice the best place to fish during the fall is in lakes or reservoirs.  Crappie become ravenous during the fall in their pursuit of sustenance to carry them through winter.  They can be caught when jigging near deep structure.  Keeping a large variety of skirt colors and jig heads in your tackle box will ensure that you can pinpoint what they are biting on that day.  




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