How to make a free-floating fishing device
How to make a free-floating fishing device
8/10/2020 2:34:48 PM

Items needed

  • ½- to 1-inch PVC pipe
  • Two PVC end caps (size should match pipe)
  • One foam pool noodle
  • Pipe glue or cement
  • One eye screw
  • Heavy fishing line (twine or braid)
  • One or two catfish hooks
  • One fishing weight
  • Drill and small bit
  • Pipe cutters or hacksaw


1. Cut PVC pipe into a 24-inch section
2. Drill a small hole into one of the end caps
3. Cut foam noodle into a 12- to 18-inch section
4. Slide PVC through center hole of foam noodle
5. Glue PVC end caps to each end of pipe
6. Thread eye screw into drilled hole of end cap
7. Cut fishing line to desired length
8. Attach one end of fishing line to the eye screw
9. Attach one or two hooks and weight to the other end of the line

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