South State Lakes “Spring” Spawning Reminder
1/28/2021 10:00:00 AM

While the northern parts of the state are still thawing out and the calendar says it is still winter, the south state lakes will start to warm and spawning activity will begin to ramp up for a couple of our major fish species.  Crappie begin coming up out of the deep water around the end of January and will be in spawning areas in early February.  Largemouth bass will not be far behind as they will be cruising up to the shallows around the beginning of February and will be in their spawning patterns by mid to late February.  Crappie spawning begins when water temperatures reach around 60 degrees and largemouth bass prefer the water a bit warmer around the 65-degree mark.  Keep in mind that all fish in any water body do not spawn at the same time and that most of this timing is dependent on the water temperatures and those pesky cold fronts that can push the fish back off the beds for a while.  Just keep an eye on the weather and water temperatures and get those fishing rods and boats ready for the early spring fishing action.



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