MS Outdoors 30th Season
9/9/2019 10:18:26 AM
By Executive Director Dr. Sam Polles, PH. D.

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) has always done its best to keep sportsmen and women aware of our conservation efforts and the state’s abundant natural resources. The Mississippi Outdoors television program has been a significant part of these efforts. Every season Mississippi Outdoors reveals the vast and expansive beauty of the Magnolia State. It always has been able to bring the outdoors to us from the comfort of our home.

Mississippi Outdoors television begins its 30th season on Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB) this fall. The show began more than 40 years ago when the iconic Melvin Tingle and Paul Ott Carruth did a 15-minute show that helped local television stations fill the required public service time. After a version of that show ran for more than a decade, MPB approached MDWFP about producing an hour-long outdoors show. Since then, the crew has gone through 30 seasons of wrestling alligators, noodling catfish, sitting in deer stands, and casting from bass boats. The show also has served as a guide to some of the great outdoor adventure locations throughout our state. It simply has been the television program of record for viewing Mississippi’s natural beauty and diverse recreational opportunities.

MDWFP is aware that as our natural resources have changed over the years, so has the technological landscape that has redefined the ways information is exchanged in today’s world. The agency’s staff is devoted to creating a more active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube in order to provide easy access to educational videos, department news, and events for our user groups. In addition to promoting conservation and outdoor recreation, we use these outlets as a convenient forum to engage with the public on a daily basis. The content produced by Mississippi Outdoors television remains a part of this vision going forward. Expect to see Mississippi Outdoors provide topics of interest for all the state’s sportsmen and women that can be displayed on multiple platforms for years to come.

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