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MS Science Fest

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Time: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Location: LeFleur Museum District

County: Hinds

For more information please contact the Visitor Information Specialist after reviewing the event details below at 601-576-6000 or by email at


mississippi science fest ticket information
mississippi science fest 2022 map
Click here to download a PDF of the map and schedule.

Join us for a special STEM-themed festival in the LeFleur Museum District (LMD)!

Learn about a range of career opportunities, be entertained, and spark your curiosity and excitement about science!

On this special day, all four museums in the LMD will host experts and guests from science-based industries across the state to provide hands-on experiences for children and families. 

  • Mississippi Museum of Natural Science (MMNS)
  • Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum
  • Mississippi Children’s Museum
  • Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame & Museum

Tickets are $10 each and are available at Please note that museum Memberships will not be applicable on this date, as the $10 admission grants entry to all four LeFleur Museum District Museums for the event.

FOOD TRUCKS AT MMNS: Rollin' Beans and Squeeze the Lime


nasa webb telescope image


The MMNS is going to be a James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) "First Images" host location during the Mississippi Science Fest (MSF) on 9.17.22 at 11 am.!

Join us in the museum's Rotwein Theater to learn about JWST images from specialists working with the telescope! 

The JWST is the largest space telescope ever constructed. The first images and data from it have revealed unprecedented and detailed views of the universe. 

At 11 a.m., Astrophysicist, Dr. Angelle Tanner will be our on-site guest presenter and will interpret the beautiful images and mind-bending science from JWST, during this “FIRST IMAGES” presentation. You'll be able to ask questions and learn more about this important next phase of space exploration! Study the atmospheres of exoplanets, peer into the surface of Jupiter, probe stellar nurseries, and spy some of the farthest galaxies in the Universe!

At 2 p.m., Dr. Francisco Mueller Sanchez (University of Memphis Department of Physics and Materials Science) will join us for a virtual presentation via a Zoom meeting streamed into the museum’s Rotwein Theatre (and also on Facebook) to share how the James Webb Space Telescope helps us understand the formation of galaxies, stars, and active supermassive black holes. You'll also have a chance to ask questions of Dr. Muller Sanchez. 



nasa webb telescope first images site at mississippi museum of natural science
nasa webb telescope image
Photo Credit: NASA / #UnfoldTheUniverse!


mississippi science fest


  • Belhaven University (Departments of Engineering and Math)
  • Dr. Angelle Tanner: Astronomer
  • Dr. Athena Nagel: Mississippi State University (Virtual)
  • Dr. Francisco Muller Sanchez (Virtual)
  • John Sullivan: State Archaeologist-Tribal Liaison
  • Litter Prevention Special Programs
  • Madison County Library
  • Mississippi Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Surveyors
  • Mississippi College (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • Mississippi Public Broadcasting
  • NASA/MSSGC Graduate Research Fellow
  • Robin Person - Naturalist
  • Russell C. Davis Planetarium
  • SR1
  • University of Mississippi Department of Physics & Astronomy

To discover more about the wonderful things happening at all four of the LeFleur Museum District museums during the MSF, be sure to follow the LMD’s Facebook page and bookmark the MSF website.

Note: Activities and exhibitors are subject to change.


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