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Swamp Rose Swamp Rose


Mississippi Native: Swamp Rose

(Rosa palustris var. scandens)

Downloadable Brochure: SWAMP ROSE


This upright shrub has stems with small thorns and branches that arch in a weeping form. Flowers are a rose or medium pink color. Leaves are fine-toothed and dark green.


This perennial will bloom in late spring into early summer, but the single blooms stay only a short period.


The swamp rose can reach heights of 6 – 8 feet. Thorns are an average ¼ inch long. 


This plant can be found in acidic soils and moist areas. Habitat areas include bogs, marshy areas, and stream banks. 

Interesting Facts:

This hardy plant produces fragrant masses of roses that, when fully bloomed, smells like perfume. The Cherokee treated illnesses such as dysentery, diarrhea, and worms with a tea made from the roots and bark.

Planting Tips:

Plant with cuttings or divide the roots. This plant likes sun but tolerates shady areas as well as poorly drained moist areas. The swamp rose is very hardy, and early pruning encourages new growth.





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