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Nuisance Alligators

The mere presence of an alligator does not constitute a nuisance situation.  If residences and commercial properties are located within or adjacent to habitats occupied by alligators, then interactions are sure to occur.  Contrary to false information portrayed about alligators, they are not naturally aggressive towards people.  In fact, they will avoid people, unless they have been fed intentionally or indirectly fed, such as by fish feeders or discarded fish remains thrown into the water.

(It is illegal and very dangerous)

Alligators that are attracted to a regular food source placed by humans will eventually become conditioned to associate human activity with food resources.  This is a recipe for certain danger.  Therefore, it is illegal to feed alligators in Mississippi.  Alligators that have been fed by humans, must be removed and are not suitable for relocation.  To report anyone feeding alligators, contact your local conservation officer or call your local MDWFP Regional Office.


Any alligator that has a preyed upon or attempted to prey upon humans, pets, or livestock, or an alligator that shows aggression and lack of fear of humans by regularly approaching human activity is considered a "nuisance alligator".  To report a nuisance alligator call your local MDWFP Regional Office.  For emergency alligator complaints, such as an alligator attack, or an alligator in a location that is unavoidable by humans (highway, home garage, building, parking lot, etc.) call the MDWFP Hotline at 1-800-BE-SMART (1-800-237-6278).

To report a nuisance alligator problem or persons who are feeding wild alligators, please contact your appropriate MDWFP Regional Office.

NORTH REGION Ph. (662) 563-6221 or 563-6222

CENTRAL REGION Ph. (601) 859-3421

SOUTH REGION Ph. (601) 783-2911



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