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Property Evaluation and Recommendations

Private Lands Biologists routinely conduct site visits with individual landowners or lease holders to evaluate their property, assess habitat conditions, and provide support in making management decisions. Contact your regional Private Lands Biologist to set up a site visit.

It is often helpful to prepare for your site visit ahead of time so that you can be efficient and organized while in the field. Some important information to have prepared might include the following:

  • clear understanding of your goals of ownership
  • aerial photography of the property with accurate boundary lines
  • harvest data, camera survey data, or other information about animal populations
  • maps detailing past management (i.e., prescribed fire units, tree planting, etc.)
  • information about existing conservation programs or easements¬†

Following most site visits, Private Lands Biologists will provide a brief written summary of what was discussed with some preliminary recommendations. In some instances biologists and landowners may desire to develop a detailed management plan.

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