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Raising Quail for Commercial or Personal Use

Note: A commercial quail breeder's license is not required for persons that raise no more than 100 quail per year for their own use.

A number of people are interested in raising bobwhite quail or other gamebirds for commercial sale or for personal use. Raising quail can be a rewarding experience like many other agricultural pursuits, but those planning to raise quail commercially should be aware that a license issued by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) is required except when persons raise 100 or fewer quail for their own use (does not include sale to others). A link to permit applications is provided below.

This information is not intended to be a guide to raising quail. For more information on techniques for raising quail, refer to the Department of Poultry Science at Mississippi State University. The Department of Poultry Science has Extension resources that can be accessed from their website. County Extension Service offices ( also may have or can help access information on raising quail.

Breeder's License

Any person, firm, or corporation may raise and/or sell either live or processed pen-raised quail within or without Mississippi provided provisions of the Mississippi Commercial Quail Law are met (Title 49, Chapter 13, Sections 1 through 25 of Mississippi Code of 1972; to review the law in its entirety follow the link from to the Mississippi Code). A commercial quail breeder's license issued by the Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (hereafter, Commission) is required of anyone raising quail for sale and more than 100 quail per year for any reason. A commercial quail breeder's license is not required for persons that raise no more than 100 quail per year for their own use and consumption. Anyone that raises quail for use on their own shooting preserves must purchase a breeder's license in addition to the shooting preserve operating license (see Shooting Preserve License).

The breeder's license must be renewed annually at a cost of $25 per year and is valid from April 1 to March 31 the following year. The breeder's license must bear a number as designated by the Commission and must be openly displayed at all times at the place where quail are bred. For more information on obtaining a commercial quail breeder's license, contact the appropriate MDWFP Regional Office (see below). For those considering raising quail commercially, the following requirements should be considered. Complete regulations should be provided with breeder's license purchase or upon request.

Sale or Transfer and Record Keeping

Licensed quail producers must keep permanent records of each sale or gift in a suitable, permanently bound book. The record of bird transfer should include the following entries:

  •  kind and number of quail;
  •  to whom sold or given;
  •  the date of the sale or gift; and
  •  the name and address of the purchaser or recipient.

These records, as well as the premises of the licensed breeder, are subject to examination and inspection for violations of the Commercial Quail Law by any agent of the MDWFP or peace officer without warrant upon displaying credentials of authority.

The record of the transfer of ownership must be kept current and available at all times for inspection. Record discrepancies may cause the licensed quail producer to be charged with a misdemeanor. Any individual or owner of a business establishment possessing quail from a licensed producer shall be subject to having quail confiscated and may be charged with a misdemeanor if a record of transfer of ownership does not appear on the record book of the licensed producer from whom the person in question states that birds were purchased or received from.

Packaging, Labeling, and Storage

When sold or given as a gift (including shipment by any means), carcasses of dressed, pen-raised quail must be contained in a package or wrapper that has the licensed seller/donor's name, business name (if used), and address legibly printed on the packaging. The package or wrapper may contain one or more birds.

If a package or shipment of quail carcasses is kept in storage in any hotel, restaurant, or elsewhere, the carcasses must remain in the packages or wrappers used by the licensed quail producer until the quail are being prepared for consumption.

Resale or Change of Ownership

In case of the resale or disposition of quail carcasses originally purchased or received from a licensed quail producer and in turn sold or donated by another person, a record of each subsequent change of ownership must be made. The following information must be recorded by the present owner about the owner who receives the quail:

  •  name and address of the person or business to which the quail carcasses were transferred;
  •  the date of the transfer; and
  •  the kind and number of quail transferred.
The record of the quail transfer of ownership must be kept by the person or business selling or donating the quail for a period of one year following the ownership transfer and shall, upon request, be available for inspection by a representative of the MDWFP.

MDWFP Regional Office Locations

Quail breeders licenses can be purchased from Regional Offices, or applications for permits can be obtained online by following this link: PERMIT APPLICATIONS.

Click Here for Counties Served by Regional Offices.


North Region Office
457 CR 26
Mailing Address:
Box 100
Enid, MS 38927
(662) 563-6222

Central Region Office
506 Hwy 43 South
Canton, MS 39046
(601) 859-3421
South Region Office
1201 N Clark Avenue
Magnolia, MS 39652
(601) 783-2911


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