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Shooting Preserves and Bird Dog Training

Pen-raised quail may be released and hunted on private land during the statewide quail season. However, state bag limits must be observed. To harvest more released birds than bag limits dictate or to hunt released birds outside of the statewide quail hunting season, a shooting preserve license or dog training permit is required.

Bird Dog Training Permits

Bird dog training permits are useful for persons wishing to train dogs with pen-raised quail outside of the statewide quail season. Bird dog training permits allow the holder to use marked, pen-raised quail with release pens to train dogs.  Marked, pen-raised quail may be recaptured or shot. To apply for a permit, refer to Tamed Quail Shooting Dog Training Application via the Permit Applications link below.

Pen-raised quail may be marked with dye, tags, or bands. Contact a commercial supplier of tags and bands for more information on sizes and types available. Local farm supply stores may be able to obtain bands or tags. An internet search can quickly yield sources.

Shooting Preserve License

A hunting license is required to harvest pen-raised quail on a shooting preserve. Shooting preserves must meet and follow some specific requirements. For more information on shooting preserves, view or download the regulations for establishing a quail shooting preserve.

Shooting preserve licenses and bird dog training permits can be purchased from Regional Offices, or applications for permits can be obtained online by following this link: PERMIT APPLICATIONS.

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