Wildlife & Hunting


Preventing and Controlling Damage

Caused by Rabbits and Squirrels




Although not every wildlife conflict can be handled by homeowners or landowners, sometimes relatively simple techniques can be employed to prevent wildlife damage or inconveniences without resorting to lethal control measures. This may be as simple as patching or screening holes in which squirrels are entering a house, or using fencing to keep rabbits from damaging gardens or landscaping.  The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management is a great place to start for information on preventing and controlling wildlife conflicts.

For situations in which wildlife conflicts cannot be resolved by techniques found at the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management, contact the MDWFP Jackson Office at (601) 432-2199 for more information. In general, the MDWFP is not able to directly handle wildlife removal problems (exceptions are potentially dangerous animals, such as alligators). However, we maintain a list of permitted wildlife trappers that provide service in Mississippi.

Additional animal conflict resolution advice or services may be provided by USDA - Wildlife Services. Mississippi Wildlife Services may be contacted at (662) 325-3014.

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