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Spring Gobbler Hunter Survey

Calling All Turkey Hunters:  Join our Turkey Observation Team! 


The Spring Gobbler Hunter Survey (SGHS) was initiated in 1995 as a means of collecting long-term data on turkey activity and populations.  The survey's success is dependent on a legion of hunters who are interested in assisting turkey management in Mississippi by voluntarily sharing their experiences afield. From their observations, biologists at the MDWFP gain valuable information on trends in gobbling activity, hunter effort, harvest rates, age structure, and sex ratios.  This incredible dataset assists the MDWFP in monitoring Mississippi's turkeys and making decisions in the best interest of the resource and hunters.

Benefits of the SGHS 

  • You'll receive an individualized report summarizing your data, allowing you to track local trends through time. This information can tailor management decisions for your specific property.
  • You can improve your turkey hunting knowledge and skills by keeping track of your own hunting experiences and habits throughout the season.
  • The MDWFP will provide you with analysis of various topics that will be highlighted for you in special reports and articles.
  • Management decisions of the MDWFP directly affecting your recreational opportunities as a sportsman and conservationists will be made using the best available data. 

How To Get Involved? 

No matter your skill or experience level, your observations are valuable and your participation is welcome. There will be absolutely no cost to you to take part in the program and your data will not be shared.  Taking a minute or two of time to jot down your observations following each hunt is the survey's only requirement.  

If you have never participated in the SGHS, but would like to become involved, please enroll online, return the application found HERE, or contact the MDWFP biologist listed below.  When you enroll, or just prior to the spring turkey season, you will receive a data collection materials, including instructions, and a prepaid return envelope. 


For questions, or to participate in the SGHS, please contact:

Wild Turkey Program Coordinator
Adam Butler 
(601) 432-2079


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