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Spring Gobbler Hunting Survey

Calling All Turkey Hunters:  Join our Turkey Observation Team! 


The Spring Gobbler Hunter Survey (SGHS) was initiated in 1995 as a means of collecting long-term data on turkey activity and population numbers.  The success of the survey is largely due to voluntary participation by hunters who are interested in assisting with turkey conservation within the state.  From this dataset, biologists at the MDWFP gain valuable information on statewide and regional trends in gobbling activity, hunter effort, harvest rates, age structure, and sex ratios.  This knowledge ultimately helps the MDWFP make management decisions that link the interests of the sportsmen with the wise use of the state's turkey resource.  Participation in this process allows Mississippi hunters a unique opportunity to directly contribute to the conservation and management of turkeys in Mississippi. 

Benefits of Participation in the SGHS 

  • You'll receive an individualized report that summarizes the data you sent us.  These reports will allow you to see trends in activity from the time you, or your hunting club, spent turkey hunting.  This information can be used to tailor management decisions for your specific property.
  • Your name will be entered into a special raffle for a shotgun.  This raffle is aimed at increasing participation in the SGHS.  See below for more details. 
  • You can improve your turkey hunting knowledge and skills by keeping track of your own hunting experiences and habits throughout the season.
  • The MDWFP will provide you with analysis of various topics that will be highlighted for you in special reports and articles.
  • Management decisions of the MDWFP that directly affect your recreational opportunities as a sportsman and conservationists will be made using the best available data. 
  • You will become a part of our natural resource's history by gathering evidence that stands for or against questions such as should season dates be set earlier, later, or left the same?  Should we allow a controlled fall season in areas with high turkey densities?  Will certain regulations improve hunting quality, carry-over more gobblers, or increase gobbling activity?

How Can I Participate?

If you turkey hunt anywhere in Mississippi, you are eligible and encouraged to participate.  There will be absolutely no cost to you to take part in the program.  The only thing that we will ask of you is to take approximately a minute or two of your time following every hunt to record information on what you observed.  Before turkey season starts, we will send you a data collection booklet that will make it easy for you to document your hunting experience. 

If you have never participated in the SGHS, but would like to become involved, please fill out and return the application found here or contact one of the MDWFP Turkey Program biologists listed below.  Your efforts will assist the MDWFP in monitoring Mississippi's turkeys and making decisions in the best interest of the resource and hunters.

For questions, or to participate in the SGHS, please contact:

Wild Turkey Program Coordinator
Adam Butler
(601) 695-6795


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