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The recent acquisition of Canemount WMA by MDWFP was accomplished through the use of funds which may be used for land acquisition. The Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks viewed this acquisition as an excellent opportunity to acquire a unique property that was intensively managed for wildlife for the past 30 years.  However, the direction to acquire Canemount WMA was contingent upon the Agency's ability to manage the WMA without additional burden on the current budget.  The Agency's goal was to implement policies and a management program to ensure that Canemount WMA would be self-sustaining.   

All fees associated with hunting opportunities at Canemount WMA were calculated and affixed to achieve this goal of self-sufficiency.  Hunters that are randomly selected for hunts at Canemount WMA will pay a $100 per day fee for a 3-day hunt permit.  This permit will afford hunters the opportunity to harvest 3 does (1 doe per day) and 1 legal buck during their 3-day hunt.

To supplement these operating funds, plans are being formulated to manage timber, along with securing Federal funding when possible, which may allow for future reduction of the current fees.  A component of MDWFP's mission is to provide the best possible hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreational opportunities to the sporting public. Every effort is made to achieve these objectives without undue cost to users and taxpayers.

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